Chat Rules

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Chat Rules:
  1. Chat unlocks after 100,000 coins have been played and items worth at least $15 have been deposited.
  2. Don't beg for coins.
  3. Don't post your affiliates codes in chat.
  4. Don't advertise other websites.
  5. Technical problems are not solved on chat but through support page

All rolls on are generated using a provably fair system. This means the operators cannot manipulate the outcome of any roll. Players may replicate any past roll using the below code:

var hash = 'fe95881a7eec7553217cf714ce214df1ab4b9559028e5eac066743e455a6ae81';
var winningNumber = 5;
var secret = 'hu2qnrxo4Az1cjkaRLJu';
var shaObj = new jsSHA("SHA-256", "TEXT");
shaObj.setHMACKey(secret, "TEXT");
if (hash === shaObj.getHMAC("HEX")) {
    console.log('Hash does match!');
    notify('success', 'Hash does match!');
} else {
    console.log('Hash doesn\'t match!');
    notify('error', 'Hash doesn\'t match!');

You can execute the code below in browser console on this page (or any other that includes JavaScript SHA-256 implementation).

ID Secret Roll Hash Date