Chat Rules

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Chat Rules:
  1. Chat unlocks after 100,000 coins have been played and items worth at least $15 have been deposited.
  2. Don't beg for coins.
  3. Don't post your affiliates codes in chat.
  4. Don't advertise other websites.
  5. Technical problems are not solved on chat but through support page

Terms of Service

By using you agree to the following terms of service. Violators may be barred from our service indefinitely, at the sole digression of CSGOCasino staff.

Item Pricing reserves the right to reject or discount certain items based on price, volatility, or popularity. Item prices are subject to change without warning, at the sole discretion of does not recognize the quality, stickers, or name tags of any items.

Maximum Bets

Maximum bets are adjusted manually to maintain site solvency. The use of multiple accounts to bypass the maximum bet is strictly forbidden. A 30 minute warning will precede any decrease to the maximum bet. An increase to the maximum bet may occur at any time.

Deposit And Withdraw

In order to withdraw user must to deposit total of 5000 coins and play 20 games (Minesweeper not included), User that deposited items below 5000 coins and can't withdraw will not be refunded and will be able to withdraw only after deposited total of 5000 coins!
Trading on the site without playing atleast 80% of the deposit is not allowed, Traders will get banned and their coins will be gone.

Free Coins

Every user is allowed to use a free promo code which grants him 500 free coins to play on the site , The website is allowed to remove coins of any user that did not deposit within 1 week after using the free code.

Code of Conduct

Players are asked to remain respectful at all times. Excessive spam, harassment, staff impersonation, solicitation, and defamation are strictly forbidden. Website advertisement, particularity of competing services, is not allowed.

Privacy Policy

Steam profiles are used for identification purposes across the site. By using our service you acknowledge that your Steam profile, persona name, and avatar may be shared with other users. will never ask for, collect or share the personal information of any of our users.

Limited Liability is not responsible for trade/account bans that may occur as a resulting of accepting items from our bots. assumes no responsibility for missed bets as a result of network latency or disconnections. Always ensure a stable connection before placing bets. Avoid placing important bets at the last second.

Limited Withdraw

To keep our site away from trade up your total bet must be greater then the item you are trying to withdraw.